Fuelling a greener
intermodal future

Achieving your sustainability targets, together

As a logistics provider, sustainability is our responsibility – the decisions we make today can make a positive impact on tomorrow. Discover how our green transport products and innovations can minimise your carbon emissions while ensuring the seamless flow of your supply chain.

Emissionsfreier Schienengüterverkehr

rail solutions

Powered by 100% green energy

Our modern e-locomotives are powered by 100% hydropower and fitted with regenerative braking systems, ensuring an eco-friendly journey for your cargo. Our container wagons are also equipped with low-noise brakes. By choosing our rail solutions, you help eliminate emissions while enjoying fast, reliable service.

Umweltfreundliche Binnenschifffahrt

inland shipping

Reducing pollution through barge

Typically, one barge transports as much cargo as 20 railway wagons or 40 trucks. The primary energy consumption for an inland vessel is 1.3 litres, while on the railway, it’s 1.7 litres, and for trucks, it’s even 4.1 litres per 100 tonne-kilometres. This underscores the environmental benefits of inland shipping.

Nachhaltige Routenplanung


Saving CO2 with combined transport

Reduce emissions with a combination of transport modes. Vehicles used for pre- or on-carriage in combined transport can have a total weight of up to 44 tonnes, four tonnes more than the standard weight for pure road transport. Combined transport thus offers more capacity than pure road transport.

Measuring our environmental progress

We are committed to advancing eco-friendly logistics. Join us on our journey as we measure our progress and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Kilometer mit E-Lokomotiven

~7 million km

traveled with e-locomotives in 2022

Erneuerbare Energien


renewable energy on the rails

TÜV Nord


by TÜV Nord certified green energy