Advancing digital container trucking

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Our digital platform driveMybox is revolutionising container transport on the roads.
driveMybox connects all players involved in pre- and on-carriage on a single, secure, cloud-based platform. This innovative solution sets new industry standards – and you benefit from more efficient processes.

With driveMybox, customers can book transports online, and independent drivers or haulage companies can digitally register to maximise their capacity utilisation. All in just a few clicks!

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Experience the ease and efficiency of booking your road transports in a few clicks. Simplify your logistics operations and gain complete control over your supply chain. Intelligent. Transparent. Reliable.

Why send your container via our driveMybox platform?

  • Direct, digital booking and order confirmation
  • Fixed prices without hidden surcharges
  • Easy order management
  • Live tracking
  • Direct communication
  • Automated payment processing and digital waybill
  • Large European network
  • Seamless intermodal integration with railMybox

Shifting container trucking into high gear

Opportunities for independent truckers and haulage companies

As an independent trucker or hauling company, you can register on driveMybox to receive transport orders.

The driveMybox platform connects you with transport offers from shippers and forwarders based on your location, availability and equipment. Plus, with automated billing, writing invoices is a thing of the past.

Whether you’re in the office or in the cabin, accepting transport orders is just a click away. And by avoiding unnecessary empty runs, the environment benefits too.

The result: a simple, transparent and seamless container transport process.

Why work with our driveMybox platform?

  • Full flexibility
  • Smart order matching
  • Additional sales
  • Short payment terms
  • Free capacity utilisation
  • Automated billing with short payment terms

Digital trucking

A smarter way to transport

driveMybox logistics is your partner throughout Germany for container trucking – simply place your container transport order online and find a driver.


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